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Exciting pop-ups, recipes and new ideas! Fun, food and fantastic flavours. And of course the occasional delightful offer.

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The menu

Food and flavours from all over the world – all prepared with local and regional produce, sourced from our own backyard.

We serve a broad selection of main courses at lunch besides weekend brunch and tasteful grab & go's.

The menu changes two times a week


BLOX is a world of architecture, design and new ideas.

Visit BLOX here:


Beuf Bearnaise

Every Thursday throughout the summer we will be open for dinner serving beuf bearnaise with organic potatoes from Søris and a crisp summer salad on the side.

Only DKK 225.

Every Thursday from 17.00-21.00



Opening hours

Food hall

In the food hall we serve a broad selection of main courses at lunch Monday to Friday from 11 am - 2.30 pm.


In the cafeatery we serve tasteful grab & go's, a great variety of breads and bakes, delicious paninis and weekend brunch.

The cafeatery is open Monday - Friday from 8 am - 7 pm. Weekends from 9.30 am - 7 pm

Please note: It is not possible to reserve a table a BLOX EATS. For parties and companies please contact Meyers Venues.


The food hall

Our food hall is situated on the 1st floor and serve a broad selection of delicious main courses at lunch.

We consider the entire world to be our gastronomic playground: Customized plates will be filled with flavors and traditions from all over the world – all prepared with local and regional produce, sourced from our own backyard.

BLOX EATS is a shared urban space that brings the city and the harbour together, creating a modern hub with a casual yet professional atmosphere.

BLOX EATS is open to everyone; professionals working in the house, foodies, families, tourists, Copenhageners, design and architecture enthusiasts, and more.

We are delighted to share this space with you all!

The Cafeatery

The cafeatery is placed on the ground floor and serve great-value, genuine and inspiring all-day food. It´s a welcoming café in spectacular surroundings serving delightful drinks from morning coffee to night caps and everything in between. 

For those who need a bite on the go, we serve a choice of grab and go or fast casual food. Bread and pastries are prepared with organic, Nordic flour and based on our proud scandi sourdough traditions.



Sustainable taste

At BLOX EATS you will find great taste, honest food, minimum 30% organic produce, care for animal welfare and sustainability, and responsible sourcing – served on customized plates.

It is our true belief, that we have a responsibility to care for our environment. We want to do everything we can to take sustainable decisions that have the highest impact on our future.

BLOX EATS is operated by Meyers Contract Catering, a part of Løgismose Meyers Group. Our vision is to raise the Danish culinary culture and at BLOX EATS we strive for new heights with the aim of raising the bar on every level.



Bryghuspladsen 14
1473 Copenhagen K

Telephone: +45 2893 6555

Join @BLOXEATS on:

For parties and companies:
Meyers Venues
Telefon: +45 2893 9010

Danish Veterinary & Food Administration rating:
- BLOX EATS - Food Hall & Cafeatery